10 ways to move through stuckness

How can we resolve it when we are stuck in our life?

  1. Feel stuck
    Feel your stuckness as if it was a presence in your body. Study the feeling and in doing so separate yourself from it. Don’t waste your time trying to change by thinking too much. Thoughts tend to go round and round and never change, whereas feelings always change, but only if you can bear to feel them.

  1. Avoid your avoidance tactics
    Notice the avoidance tactics you have taken up to escape from feeling stuck and start avoiding them.
  2. Start re-directing you attention
    Re-direct your attention – back to your body and away from your mind. Focus on your physical wellbeing through starting to exercise more, eating and drinking more healthily.
  3. Take a break from yourself
    Direct your attention towards issues experienced by other people instead of yourself. Take a break from yourself. Discover your compassion through your compassion for others.
  4. Discover it’s you who is causing you to be stuck
    Take responsibility for your role in being stuck. Other people may help create the circumstances that contribute to you feeling stuck, but it is your attitude to that situation that create the stuckness itself.
  5. Make your stuckness physical
    Visualise your stuckness as an image – draw or paint it, or find a small personal object that represents it. Look at it, study it, and then practice putting it to one side to feel what it’s like when you do that.
  6. Understand stuckness as an internal conflict
    The stuck feeling is actually the tension you feel between two voices inside you, one saying yes and the other saying no, or I can and I can’t. Work out what lies behind each position and work out what is in it for you to hold each position. Imagine leaving these reasons behind and standing free from them.
  7. Get ready to change.
    Start looking after your wellbeing more mindfully – get proper sleep, eat healthily and stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Also, focus on your breathing everywhere you can. Be with yourself.
  8. See your stuckness as a mood you’ve been in
    Treat your stuckness as a mood. Focus on this mood and really experience it. Examine whether your current mood is mixed up with an earlier mood. Allow your mood to change.
  9. Seek help if you need it
    If you can’t give yourself space to study stuckness, find the space with the help of someone else, perhaps with a psychotherapist. When you move through your stuckness once – your will develop an ability to deal with any future stuckness.