Psychotherapy & Counselling for London

A respite from a busy world, we are professional therapists offering supportive, confidential spaces for you to be you, to inspire change, leading to a more fully lived life.


What is therapy?
Therapy takes place in a private room with a counsellor or psychotherapist. It involves talking through your issues to show yourself and others how you feel, learning to communicate to those in your life, and make any changes in your own life.

Who are
We are a group of fully accredited psychotherapists working across London. We offer an integrative approach, based on cooperation and creativity. Our training is grounded in a wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques, and we have a wide-ranging experience of working with people from all backgrounds.

As integrative psychotherapists we consider the individual from multiple perspectives; including our inner thoughts and feelings, our bodies, our personal relationships, our diverse cultural groups and the laws and customs we live by.


Helping you make a decision

  • Why therapy?

    Support during crisis or life change. Help with finding purpose and meaning.

  • What can I expect from therapy?

    Being listened to and accepted without judgement. Help to figure out what you can’t see yourself. To find your best qualities.

  • How will it help?

    Coming to a deeper understanding of who you are. Increased levels of intimacy in relationships. blog

Insights: our psychotherapists write


‘Thank you for being there in my time of need’.
John, 26

‘Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the time and patience you showed’.
Pam, 32

‘Thank you for helping me.  Thank you for your part in my story’.
Caroline, 51

‘Thank you for your help over the last few months. I don’t know where life will go next but it feels like I’ve a new foundation to go from’.
Khora, 34

Quality Standards / Standards of Excellence

All psychotherapists have been trained in a leading integrative counselling and psychotherapy training centre, and are registered with some or all of the accreditations and registers below: